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Delaware Guidance awarded distinction as a 'Top Workplaces of Delaware' organization.

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In a multi-court effort, the Delaware Judiciary and the Administrative Office of the Courts are developing a community court in the city of Wilmington to address public safety concerns in the city. One step in the development of a community court is to complete a community survey. Your help is essential in this project and in the development of the community court.

If you are affiliated with, or have a vested interest in Wilmington, please click on this link and complete the survey.

Mission: Delaware Guidance Services exists to provide quality therapeutic services to children, youth, and their families to increase their social, emotional, and behavioral wellness.


Vision: Resilient families nurturing children's well-being.

Day Treatment: Gina was a thirteen year old girl who came to Delaware Guidance Services feeling really sad. She felt like things weren't ever going to get better. She would cut herself and have frequent thoughts of wanting to die. She had been in foster care for quite a while. Her mom was in and out of her life. She spent some time living with her father who physically and emotionally abused her. When she came to Delaware Guidance Services we counseled her in individual therapy to help her work through her past traumas. Gina also was involved in family therapy. Her mother also participated in the program and learned that the choices she was making today were influenced by how she was raised as a child. Gina began to understand her mom better and learned that it was okay to cry, okay to be angry, and okay to listen to people and trust them. She is now back living with her mother and attending middle school and volunteering at a day care because she wants to protect children.

Crisis Services: Mario was an eleven year old boy that was referred to our crisis program because of a much disorganized thought process. He was experiencing hallucinations that commanded him to do things. He and his family had recently immigrated to this country and English was his second language. There was a lot of domestic violence in the home and the mother was finally able to break away and get the children to a safer environment. When Delaware Guidance Services received the initial call, we completed a thorough evaluation of Mario's needs. The therapist helped Mario get an emergency psychiatric appointment and connected him with counseling very quickly. Through additional appointments, counseling and ongoing tests that the counselor was able to facilitate, Mario is now completely off medications and has really been able to thrive and maintain and be safe at home and in the community.

Outpatient: Michael is a ten year old boy who was referred to Delaware Guidance Services after he was discharged from a residential treatment program. He was severely physically abused and neglected in early childhood and also had developmental delays. Delaware Guidance Services provided individual treatment which helped him to be able to express himself and communicate better instead of acting out his anger and frustration. DGS provided psychiatric treatment and coordinated services with other agencies involved with him such as Division of Child Mental Health Services, Division of Family Services and also with the school system. Prior to coming to DGS, he had been placed in seven different foster homes. For four years, Michael has remained in the same foster home and for the first time in his life, lives in a stable home.

Intensive Outpatient: Tamara is a seventeen year old African American female who was admitted to Delaware Guidance Services outpatient program after being discharged from a residential treatment center. At that time she had been in seven psychiatric hospitals as well as three residential treatment centers; she had multiple arrests for physical aggression toward other adults, family members, and peers. When she was referred to DGS she had been diagnosed with borderline disorder, bipolar disorder, and conduct disorder and was intellectually limited.. She had an IQ around 68 which would distinguish her as mildly mentally retarded. Tamara had a lot of family issues as well, including domestic violence, sexual abuse and childhood trauma. This made it very difficult for her to trust and therefore our main goal was to help her to learn to trust. Today she is currently continuing counseling services with an adult mental health counselor. She is an active participant of the Delaware Developmental Disabilities Program. She is renting her own apartment as well as raising her son.

Families seek help from Delaware Guidance Services for all kinds of reasons, including,
but not limited to:

  • psychological disorders
  • substance abuse
  • attention problems
  • trouble in school
  • physical or sexual abuse
  • divorce-related issues
  • stress disorders induced by trauma
  • behavioral challenges
No matter what the issue, following treatment our clients are able to make great strides at home, in school and in the community.
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